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Paragliding Dalhousie is a small plateau with a small lake that is one of the most famous traveller sites in Himachal. Dalhousie is well-known for its fabulous temples and verdant meadows and deep woodlands. This place draws journey enthusiasts, with quite a few journey sports activities inclusive of paragliding, horseback riding, zorbing, and hiking available. Dalhousie is a must-see for everybody travelling Khajjiar or the encompassing areas. During the iciness, but, the street to Dalhousie can be closed because of a heavy blizzard.


Paragliding is an mesmerising recreation that is at the bucket listing of just about all guests. With lush inexperienced pastures and breathtaking perspectives of the hills and valleys, Dalhousie is an ideal location to satisfy this dream. Professional publications could take you flying throughout a serene landscape, mission an adventure with the same components stunning and interesting. You’ll locate many paragliding spots at the outskirts of Dalhousie. Kalatop is one of the most famous paragliding spots in Dalhousie and overlooks the Pir Panjal range. Remember to appear out for the monsoon months whilst making plans for your journey to Dalhousie and test it with the body of workers nicely earlier than travelling.

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The mesmerising splendour of the Khajjiar has been the eye of vacationers for decades. A stunning traveller spot withinside the slopes of Dalhousie, this location has additionally emerged as the house for the adventurous paragliders. Dalhousie has  leap stations for the enthusiastic paragliders. There are 2 stations to revel in the paragliding activity. One is decreased and the alternative one is better. To take off from a better altitude you want to visit the pinnacle station the use of Dalhousie. The fine time to go is all through iciness and summer time.

Khajjiar is a brilliant vicinity to enjoy a ton of adventure sports activities, which incorporates paragliding. The paragliding spots of Khajjiar are positioned a hint way a long way from the essential metropolis centre, withinside the route of the outskirts. Paragliding in Khajjiar is an interesting revel in, flying over acres of lush greenery, valleys, and streams that seem to spread below your feet. These paragliding spots are closed at a few levels withinside the monsoons considering it is now no longer viable to fly at the same time as torrential rains are falling in earnest, so plan accordingly. There can be an expert guide tethered to you at the same time as you are paragliding, who will steer the aircraft in whichever way the wind blows so that you can surely lighten up and take it easy. It is pretty affordable and a genuinely stable hobby to indulge in, so make sure that you do. Nothing lots can ever suit the thrill of jumping off of a cliff, and now no longer falling, but flying. Take this soar at the same time as you’re ultimately in Khajjiar.


The most commonplace location however well-known hobby is paragliding. Surfing along the majestic mountains and blue sky is something you honestly won’t want to miss. It is genuinely a difficult adventure hobby but it’s miles amusing to take pleasure in paragliding.

Dalhousie may be an extremely good vicinity to enjoy lots of journey sports activities, which incorporates paragliding, Horse Riding. The paragliding spots ofDalhousie location unit placed barely far from the number one metropolis centre, withinside the direction of the outskirts. Paragliding in Dalhousie may be an exciting pleasure, flying over acres of lush leafage, valleys, and streams that seem to unfold below your feet. it’s quite low-rate and a genuinely consistent interest to love, therefore guarantee that you are doing. Nothing lots will ever suit the chuckle of bouncing off of a formation, and currently no longer falling, but flying. Take this leap at the same time as you’re in Dalhousie.

If you are new to this hobby, you may have some apprehensions. But do try it to revel in the magic of paragliding. Dalhousie  is a genuinely best vicinity to do this hobby along with your friends and very own circle of relatives. 

Paragliding withinside the lap of the Himalayas is one of the fine stories that one may have and Dalhousie gives you simply that, taking the amusing to an entire new level. Owing to the provision of numerous low priced options, Dalhousie is thought to be one of the fine paragliding locations in Chamba which welcome lots of guests each year.


The Himalayan metropolis gives paragliding offerings in Chamba, Khajjiar, Dalhousie and maximum famously, the Khajjiar. The fee of paragliding at Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, begins at 2500 INR. Paragliding at Chamba is maximum appropriate all through the March-June summer time season months whilst the climate is at its snug fine.

Best Time to Go for Paragliding in Dalhousie

Except all through the monsoon season, paragliding is possible all year. From early July till past due September, there’s a monsoon here. The monsoon season at Bir Billing lasts from July to September. During this time paragliding is prohibited. Bir Billing is placed withinside the Himalayan foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range, which gives astonishing climate at some point of the year. 

The finest time to move paragliding splits into  seasons. Long flights are fine in October – November and March – June. Paragliding is fine from October to June.

The paragliding revels in December and January. It is precise due to the fact all the surrounding mountains are covered with snow even Billing gets blizzard all through that time. The most famous time for tenting and paragliding in Chamba is around this time.


Best Resort in Dalhousie with adorable perspectives, and a Adventures activity. So now no longer leave out the activities at the same time as you go paragliding in Dalhousie for a vacation.

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