“Welcome to The Baker’s Nest Café ( A unit Of Aanantham Resort).Large scale manufacturing has taken over these days and it is very hard to find a bakery that pays more attention to quality instead of quantity. And that is why we are here for you! The heart of the bakery is a small, dedicated group of hard working bakers. We are grateful to our amazing staff, loyal customers, and the most supportive local community who allow us to do the work we love every day. We are not just a bakery, we are not just bakers. In fact, we are just like you, a bunch of food lovers fascinated with sweet indulgence, who dream of creating an appetizing fairy land of divine delicacies that relishes the utmost desires.”The Bakers Nest Café is an integral part of Aanantham Resort with its inception on 19th april 2021. The bakes nest prides itself over keeping the quality standards top notch. We believe in giving only the best to our customers and that is why we pay more heed to the quality of the ingredients used in our baked goods. All of our items are made with the freshest ingredients from scratch.

Our Specials





Baked fresh in small batches

All our products are baked and prepared in small batches to ensure we keep up the quality and provide the freshest product to our end consumer.

Made with care like home

We ensure our recipes are simple and do not contain any unnecessary additives like essences, enhancers or preservatives.

Best Multicuisine café, Dining, Takeaway & Delivery

We not only specialize in traditional bakery goods but we also like to bring innovation to our work. That is why we believe in diversifying our menu towards serving Indian and Chinese food along with traditional himachali dishes. We know you think we’re sweet but check out our savoury! Order our sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers in our pastry shop. We continue to create products that bring an abundance of natural goodness in order to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of consumers.

We would love to be a part of your special celebrations.